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Ontario’s Campaign for a Smoke-Free Ride

If you’re a parent who smokes, you know it can be hard to resist lighting up in the car. But it exposes your kids to the risk of serious childhood illnesses. Even on short trips. Even with the windows rolled down.


By visiting this website, you are taking an important first step in finding out what you need to know to protect your children’s health. 





Campaign for a Smoke-free Ride is designed to give parents and other family members who smoke the information and support they need to give their kids a healthy, smoke-free ride.   It may not be easy.  But they’ll thank you for it.

The campaign is brought to you by the Ontario Lung Association with support from the Government of Ontario


The Lung Association is among Canada’s longest standing, most respected not-for-profit health promotion organizations, and a leader in the prevention and control of chronic lung disease, asthma, tobacco cessation and prevention, as well as air quality and its effects on lung health.  The Lung Association has invested more than $27 million into lung health research carried out in this province.