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Why Choose Us?

Our friendly office staff will provide you with a comfortable and relaxing environment. We offer you the personalized gentle care that you deserve.

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More About Our Practice

With everything from free consultations, to computer designed surgical guides, our professional team can help you plan your procedure all under one roof.

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Dental Implants

We can provide you with your dental implant needs, where our professionals can give you the gentle care you need to get implants with as little pain and bother as possible. No trip to…

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Dental Bridges

Dental bridges can be a great way to get your smile looking perfect again, and can be accomplished with as little bother and pain to you as possible. Our staff in Toronto, is…

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Dental Prosthodontics

As part of our dental prosthodontics program, we’ll take the time to evaluate the condition of your teeth and understand your aesthetic goals. From there, we’ll work with you to develop a treatment program…

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Trusted Dental Implants Experts

If you are in need of dental implants Toronto, we are proud to be able to provide you with the care you need in a manner that is both friendly and professional. Whether you need extensive work done or just your normal check-up and cleaning, we can help. Our staff provides our clients in Toronto, with personalized care. Your teeth are one of the first things people will notice about you and can go a long way to making a good impression.

Our office staff is friendly and helpful, and can provide you with the gentle care you want with as little possible pain or discomfort to you. Our office in Toronto is a comfortable and relaxing environment so that your stay with us is as pleasant as is possible under the circumstances. We can also provide our clients with a free consultation so that you can come in and find out the extent of our services and what we can do for you. Our office can provide a variety of dental services and procedures to be able to help with whatever you might need, including:

  • Dental bridges
  • Dental implants
  • Dental prosthodontics

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Latest Articles

Tooth ailment

It’s common for many people to suffer from different dental or gum problems and receive treatment from a Ajax dentist over the years. There are a number of different tooth ailments that can cause pain and discomfort when they’re left untreated. To understand the various conditions and symptoms, there are a few ailments to become aware of to ensure that you obtain professional care.

Dentist in Oshawa

While it may not always be possible to have the same doctor for life, you can certainly aim for one that you can be happy with for years to come. A dentist is a doctor like any other, and problems with your oral health can create problems with your overall health. That’s why it’s important to have someone you can rely on when it comes time to care for your teeth. An Oshawa dentist can be there for you for your first cleaning and will be there to handle any cosmetic or preventative care along the way. Many dental professionals also specialize in oral and maxillofacial surgery or orthodontics. Regardless of their skills, there are certain traits that you should look for when selecting one of these professionals.

Dental Implants

With the limited government assistance available for dental care in Canada, those in need of tooth replacement often find themselves contemplating the costs versus benefits of different options. In many cases, this contemplation comes down to whether to opt for dentures or dental implants. Below, we take a look at the relative benefits and drawbacks […]