7 Reasons Why One Has Switched to Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers

For years, it has been a cultural phenomenon to smoke dried herbs. Portable vaporizers have created a great smoking experience. Here is why you should try portable dry herb vaporizers in the future.

1) Improved Health

Dry herb vaporizer has for long been used for medical purposes. Marijuana has been issued to patients to increase appetite during chemotherapy. Traditionally, cannabis is consumed as either a rolled joint or a pill. However, people are now opting to inhale it as it is less harmful. With a portable vaporizer, the herbs don’t burn. Switching over to your best portable vaporizer for dry herb can improve your health as you don’t inhale dangerous carcinogens.

2) Greatly improved flavor

Portable dry herb vaporizers prevent combustion. That not only improves your health, but also the flavor and the overall smoking experience. Vaping dry herb at a prime temperature lasts for long, making smoking a greater experience. As such, you enjoy cooled down vapes that can’t burn your throat.

3) Great smoking experience

A portable vaporizer saves you time that would have been spent on rolling joints. Interestingly, you can quickly get it out whenever you feel to smoke and switch it off once you are done. That way you don’t have to permanently put it out like is the case with roll joints. However, always make sure your portable vaporizer is fully charged.

4) No wind disturbance

Unlike roll joints, portable dry herb vaporizers are not affected by the wind. There is nothing irritating than struggling to light your roll joint in the rain or wind. For a vaporizer, you only need to turn it on and give it time to warm up before inhaling.

5) Using a vaporizer is more inconspicuous

Chances are that non-smokers will assume your vaporizer is a standard vapes pen. Unlike a roll joint, you can’t be easily caught smoking. Besides, vaporizers usually reduce the strong marijuana smell. However, that doesn’t mean that the odor will be completely reduced. All vaporizers give out some smell.

6) Affordability

Once you acquire your favorite portable weed vaporizer, all you need is money for dry herb. With a vaporizer, you save considerably. Your herbs also last for long, meaning you cut the expense of buying herbs.

7) Options

There are thousands of different vaporizers available in the market. Therefore, choose the one that best suits your needs and style. Depending on the form of marijuana you want to smoke, you may prefer a simple oil vaporizer, vaporizer pen, or wax vaporizer.

Stop restricting yourself from the great smoking experience and flavor that a vaporizer could give you. Essentially, vaporizers are designed to protect you from the harmful effects of smoking.

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Proper Use of Medical Marijuana

Today, the use of medical marijuana is steadily gaining ground with more states passing laws allowing its use. As such, it is important to arm yourself with information on what it treats as well as who can and should use this drug.

According to a pain medicine specialist, Barth Wilsey, MD, of the University of California Davis Medical Center, the main reason why people request for a prescription when it comes to medical cannabis is for the treatment of pain. The pain could be as a result of headaches, a disease such as cancer, or even from a long-term condition such as nerve pain or glaucoma.

As a patient, you will typically get a marijuana card if you reside in a state where the use of medical cannabis is legal and according to your doctor, the application of this particular drug will be helpful to you.

As long as you have a valid marijuana card, your name will always appear on a particular list, allowing and enabling you to purchase marijuana from any authorized seller, commonly referred to as a dispenser.

Doctors can also prescribe the use of medical marijuana for the treatment of:
• Crohn’s disease
• Nausea caused by chemotherapy
Muscle spasms, which are caused by multiple sclerosis
• Loss of weight and poor appetite as a result of chronic illness such as nerve pain or HIV and Aids
• Seizure disorders

A principal ingredient in marijuana, THC, has also been approved by the FDA for the treatment of nausea and to help enhance appetites. THC is consequently available today by prescription, either in the form of Cesamet (nabilone) or Marinol(dronabinol).

How medical marijuana works
Human bodies usually make chemicals containing properties that are quite similar to those of marijuana. These chemicals have a significant impact on inflammation, pain, and several other processes that occur in our bodies. According to University of Colorado’s Laura Borgelt, PharmD, medical marijuana can significantly assist these natural chemicals to achieve better levels of performance.

How to use medical cannabis
The ingestion of medical marijuana can be through several methods:
• Smoking
• Vaporizing, in which you will heat up the marijuana until it releases active ingredients. Smoke is not formed during this process
• Ingestion either as candy or cookies
• Ingestion as a liquid extract

Side Effects
Some of the side-effects resultant from using marijuana are:
• Drowsiness
• Euphoria
• Dizziness
• Short-term memory loss
The side effects mentioned above are short-term. However, medical marijuana also has some severe side effects such as severe anxiety and psychosis.

Risks and Limits
Medical marijuana’s use is not as monitored as FDA-approved medicines, which means you might not have adequate knowledge on its potency, purity, side effects, or potential to cause cancer when using it.

Medical cannabis should exclusively be used by individuals bearing valid marijuana cards. Doctors can never prescribe medical cannabis to persons under the age of 18. Some of the people who should not use this medication are:
• Anyone suffering from heart disease
• Anyone with a history of psychosis
• Pregnant women


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