Chiropractic Medicine Receives Government Support

People are becoming more aware of alternative medical options and more willing to utilize them than every before. That trend cuts across every segment of society, but it’s particularly visible among people who rely on the American Department of Veteran Affairs. In particular, the VA has seen a sharp increase in the number of people who choose to visit a chiropractor to relieve chronic medical problems.

How Significant Is The Trend?

The trend was first documented in a recent study by the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, which is the official medical journal of the American Chiropractic Association. The study found that the number of people seeking chiropractic treatment from the VA increased by more than 800 percent between 2004 and 2015, which is the last point which had available data at the time of publication. The number of visits to a chiropractor increased by 694 percent during the same period, and the number of chiropractic clinic increased by an average of 9 percent each year to meet the growing demand.

Both the magnitude of the increase and the consistency of the trend illustrate the growing importance of chiropractic medicine. They show that the increase is unlikely to be a statistical fluke, and that the trend is likely to keep growing in the near future.

Why Are They Choosing Chiropractic Medicine?

Social trends rarely have a single cause, but it’s possible to identify several factors that are likely to contribute to the trend. Some of these factors are purely practical, but others indicate an increased acceptance of chiropractic treatment as an alternative to pharmaceutical therapies.

The largest contributing factor is probably the increased availability of chiropractic medicine in recent years. The VA only began to offer it as a treatment option in 2004, which explains the initial surge in popularity. However, the fact that the trend continues for a decade implies that it is not the only contributing factor. If it was, one would expect to see a sudden increase that leveled off after a few years, rather than consistent growth. The increase in availability is likely tied to an increase in awareness of chiropractic medicine among the general population.

The other major contributing factor is the nature of the injuries that are currently common, both among veterans and among the general population. Many of them suffer from chronic pain and from disorders of the muscular and skeleton systems. It’s possible to treat many of these problems with medication or surgery, but methods can have complications that people want to avoid. Chiropractors offer a treatment option that doesn’t carry the risk of addiction to painkillers or long recovery periods, which makes it appealing to active, otherwise healthy people who need to manage chronic pain. You may want to visit Chiro-Med Rehab Centre for more info and insights.