Weight Loss 101: 5 Common Mistakes People Make After Undergoing Lab Band Surgery

Most people who are struggling with obesity have found out that traditional methods of losing weight may fail to provide the desired weight. Therefore it is important that you seek other methods in case your obesity puts your health at risk. Weight Loss Surgery is a good alternative which does not only reduce your weight but helps you also to maintain it. There are a few surgery procedures including lap band surgery which is also called adjustable gastric banding, gastric sleeve, and gastric balloon also referred to as ORBERA.

  • Lap Band Surgery: This procedure will help you to feel full more quickly and also stay full for a longer period. This procedure is unique compared to the others because it is reversible and also adjustable.
  • Gastric Sleeve: This is an alternative method for people who are very obese.
  • Gastric Balloon: It is a two-way program that is designed to be more effective and provides motivating results. Patients can lose three times more the weight they would have lost through dieting and other traditional methods.

A weight loss surgery is the beginning of a long journey and you will experience some problems as you proceed. You should, therefore, be persistent, patient, and comply with your doctors’ advice for you to succeed. Some of the mistakes you should avoid after you have undertaken a surgery include:
Snacking and Grazing

You can get into trouble if you keep up with this habit. Most people lose track of how much they have consumed when they are snacking or grazing. Take three meals every day and fruits.
Assuming That You Have Been Cured

The surgery is meant to help you lose your weight and it is important that you lead a healthy lifestyle by exercising. You can also maintain your weight by working on any emotions that are associated with eating. Deciding to have a weight loss surgery can be the best decision that you will ever make. However, although the co-morbid conditions can be temporarily alleviated by the surgery they can come back if you don’t work hard to maintain your weight.
Not Taking Enough Water

This is often one of the common reasons why many people are admitted back to a hospital after surgery. Ensure you get a minimum of 64 ounces of non-carbonated, non-caloric, non-caffeinated liquids. Watch out for signs of dehydration that include increased thirst, sleepiness, decreased and dark urination, dizziness and irritability.
Consuming Alcohol

Eventually you can include drinking alcohol moderately. However, your diet should be healthy and well balanced before you consider taking alcohol. This is because alcohol has a lot of calories and you will need to remove some from your meal. Therefore, if you are taking alcohol skip the carbs and take alcohol as the carbohydrate replacement. It is also advisable that you choose carefully what you drink.
Not Taking Minerals and Vitamins

Vitamins are recommended because they play an important role in your general health after you have undergone a weight loss surgery. Take the vitamins as directed and if you are forgetful you can use the reminder application on your phone.